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Otaku Hotel in Tokyo
  • Do you think that your collection is out of control?

  • Are you sacrificing living expenses for the latest manga or anime release?

  • Do you just have to own that series' stationery set?

  • Are you a poster child for Genshiken's Madarame?

  • Have you lost your mind in a doujinshi shop?

  • Do you think that you just might need some help regarding your hobby/lifestyle choice?
  • Well you're not alone. There are thousands of people just like you, and chances are, a good portion of them are even more headlong down the path of Hardcore Otaku. Isn't that comforting?

  • You didn't think this was a 12 Step Program regarding the abandonment of your fulfilling life of an otaku, did you?

  • Oh no... We're here to help you justify your madness. We are your peers and your support group. We know all about going hungry, standing in long lines, staying up for 72 hours straight, agonizing over costumes, wondering how the heck all those purchases are going to get home, storing the spoils of our victories, and handing over the remains of our paycheque for the very last whatever series capsule toy. Yeah, baby, we've been there... And we're happy being there.

We welcome you to join us here at Otaku Anonymous -- where you're among friends who support your addiction.

Mandarake in Shibuya
Community Rules

Let's keep the rules really simple.
  • Be kind and respectful towards one another.

  • Have fun!

  • No flames, no ridiculing, no bashing, no fighting, and no asshattery. You get one warning and after that, the welcome mat is pulled out from under you.

  • This community is not about debating the merits of a series or genre, or the justification of a character's behaviour. Check your meta and wankiness at the door.

  • We all come from different demographics, interests, and nationalities. But we all have one thing in common -- a love of Japanese and Japanese inspired entertainments and industry. So let's respect each other's interests, be they yuri, yaoi, hentai, seinen, guro, shonen, shoujo, games, J-pop, manga, anime, plushies, cosplay, garage kits, figures, shitajiki... Need we go on?

  • Please be responsible for your own posts. If someone comments in a manner that is unfavourable to you, please screen and/or freeze their post and take it up with them privately via e-mail (if possible).

What to Post

Please post anything you like regarding otaku culture. Some examples are:
  • Introduction post -- tell us about yourself, your interests and what you collect.

  • Photo essays of your collection.

  • Requests for help or suggestions from others regarding the storage of manga, anime, figures, shitajiki etc.

  • Industry news.

  • Your cosplay.

  • Advertisements for relevant communities, web sites etc.

  • Your greatest or latest acquisition.

  • Boast about your collection or specific items in your collection.

  • Tales of attempted intervention by friends and family.

  • Your encounters with non-otaku.

  • Advice or answers sought that only a fellow otaku could provide, or be sympathetic regarding.

  • Items wanted or for sale.

  • A cool resource you just discovered.

  • Your tale of corruption and how you've hooked others with the addiction.

Posters outside Mandarake in Akihabara

K-Books in Ikebukuro

Posting Rules
  • Rules are subject to ongoing changes due to a multitude of factors (change in membership, requirements for new rules or deletion of unnecessary rules due to popular consensus etc.)

  • Please place images within an LJ-cut. However, you may place one reasonably sized (smallish) image outside the LJ cut as a "teaser".

  • Please do not post any images of an adult nature. If the community members ever decide that it's best that this community become "adults only", then this rule will change (naturally).

  • Please use subjects and tags as much as possible to help people skim through the community.

Links & Important Posts

Images used in this layout are from a personal trip to Tokyo.

"Maid" in Akihabara