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Otaku Anonymous

Fujoshi -- Ikebukuro Videos

Fujoshi -- Ikebukuro Videos

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Yaoi: Passage - Mamoru x Shinohara = pos
Whilst stuck with the out-laws for Christmas, I managed to accomplish some random 'net surfing. In so doing I discovered this pair of videos regarding boys love fan girls who frequent Ikebukuro (I was googling Ikebukuro in a fit of "missing Tokyo").


I confess that Swallowtail is definitely not an experience for me but I understand its appeal. B Lily Rose I'd like to get to on my next trip (didn't have time last trip).

The videos are great though! Go watch ;-)
  • Damn, I HAVE to go to Tokyo. XD And I need another fangirl to go with. I don't have one here in Korea with me.
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